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Police Watches

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Police watches are as bold and fearless as the name suggests. Police watches are impossible to miss, and they add a statement to any outfit be it for work, leisure or sport. Our range of men’s watches use strong lines and clear features to create watches that are functional, stylish and ideal for the contemporary man.

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Police is the house brand of the De Rigo Group, and it was established in Italy in 1983. The brand sells jewellery, watches and leather goods – and it’s aim is to stand out. Police is a lifestyle brand with its own community, and it’s easy to see why. Fresh and modern looks with personality and style combine to create unique and unmistakable watches.

Numerous A-list brand ambassadors including David Beckham and Bruce Willis have helped to elevate the Police brand and bring it in front of an even wider audience. Police products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide. If you’re looking for a gift for birthdays, Christmas, or any day in between, we know you’ll find a perfect men’s watch in our Police collection.

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