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Morelatto TIme

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Morellato Time watches are perfect for women looking for a watch that’s a little bit different. Unusually delicate watches with exquisite bracelet straps are a stand out feature of our Morellato Time collection. Add a touch of glamour to work wear or sophistication to an evening dress with these gorgeous watches.


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The concept of the Morellato brand is luxury for the modern customer. Their collection combines beautiful Italian designed jewellery with the functionality of a watch, to create statement time-pieces that will complete any outfit. The brand has grown in popularity across the world through its production of quality products that appeal to contemporary consumers.

The brand began in Venice in 1930 when Giulio Morellato opened a watch and jewellery shop. In the 1990s, the brand began to focus on the concept of ‘jewellery for living’ and this has remained a pillar of their brand ever since. Morellato Time watches offer delicate women’s watches that are as beautiful as they are practical. Explore our range of affordable Morellato Time watches on this page.

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